Our motivation

NORMANDIN TRANSIT has always prided itself on running an environmentally responsible trucking company and is committed to making a lasting and positive impact on the environment.

That is why the NORMANDIN TRANSIT fleet is made up of the most modern, well-maintained and fuel-efficient trucks on the market. By consuming less gas, we actively reduce our impact on the environment and the planet.

NORMANDIN TRANSIT genuinely cares about the environment! That is why we do everything we can to reduce the amount of polluting emissions we release into the atmosphere and help keep the air we breathe clean and safe.

Here at NORMANDIN TRANSIT, we continue to change with the times. In order to reach and surpass our goals, we only employ the latest and best technology. An example of some of the ways we are doing our small part for the environment is by buying the most aerodynamic trucks on the market and filling our tires with nitrogen.

NORMANDIN TRANSIT is also proud to be a part of the SmartWay Transport Partnership. —an innovative collaboration between the US Environmental Protection Agency and the freight industry.

We have been mindful of our impact on the environment for years and are proud to be the Blue team that has gone green.

Normandin Transit | Logo détouré sur fond transparent de Smart Way

Un partenaire de choix

Au fil des ans, nous avons pris le temps d’écouter nos clients de tous les secteurs d’activités de notre économie qui nous ont fait part de leurs besoins. L’acquisition de ces connaissances fait de Normandin Transit un partenaire de choix.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toutes questions ou tous commentaires. Nous vous répondrons dans les plus brefs délais!

Des questions?

Des questions?