From humble beginnings in 1988, NORMANDIN TRANSIT has come a long way. We quickly grew our business by specializing in full truckload and less than truckload shipments to and from Canada and the United States and the rest is history.

When it quickly became clear that exports were becoming a top priority in the global economy, our team stepped up to the plate. We carefully developed a unique partnership approach that has allowed us to help Canadian companies thrive.

NORMANDIN TRANSIT  operate’s 281 motorized vehicles (2 years old on average) and own a fleet of 827 trailers. In April 2018, NORMANDIN TRANSIT became a proud subsidiary of TFI International.

NORMANDIN TRANSIT’s mission has always more than just simply delivering shipments from point A to point B. Our unrivalled expertise and genuine human connection have always been the key to ensuring our client’s success.


To us, being your partner carrier means:
Listening to your needs.

A good carrier understands and anticipates the needs of their clients in order to offer them the best possible solutions. At NORMANDIN TRANSIT, we have always thought of our services as a way of helping our diverse client base get exactly what they need. Our close partnerships have allowed us to pinpoint the unique challenges that our clients face and develop innovative ways to meet their needs.

NORMANDIN TRANSIT’s dedicated, reliable and responsible team provides each and every one of our clients with consistently high-quality service while expertly adapting to their ever-changing needs.

NORMANDIN TRANSIT truly embodies the “Kaizen” approach. The “Kaizen” philosophy consists of creating continuous improvement and ongoing positive change that involves all of our employees and affects all operational aspects of our business. This approach has revolutionized the way that our company has grown and developed over the years, allowing us to build strong and lasting partnerships with clients that are as diverse as they are important.

With NORMANDIN TRANSIT’s unrivalled expertise, drive and adaptability, handling our client’s toughest challenges are all in a day’s work.

Green initiatives

NORMANDIN TRANSIT has always prided itself on running an environmentally responsible trucking company and is committed to making a lasting and positive impact on the environment.

That is why the NORMANDIN TRANSIT fleet is made up the most modern, well-maintained and fuel-efficient trucks on the market. By consuming less gas, we actively reduce our impact on the environment and the planet.

NORMANDIN TRANSIT genuinely cares about the environment! That is why we do everything we can to reduce the amount of polluting emissions we release into the atmosphere and help keep the air we breathe clean and safe.

Un partenaire de choix

Au fil des ans, nous avons pris le temps d’écouter nos clients de tous les secteurs d’activités de notre économie qui nous ont fait part de leurs besoins. L’acquisition de ces connaissances fait de Normandin Transit un partenaire de choix.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toutes questions ou tous commentaires. Nous vous répondrons dans les plus brefs délais!

Des questions?

Des questions?