Security programs

NORMANDIN TRANSIT encourages our commercial partners to join the various security programs mentioned below to benefit from expedited border crossings. For further information:




Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program

NORMANDIN TRANSIT meets the requirements for participation in the Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program for freight carriers. The CSA grants approved importers, approved freight carriers and registered drivers advantages of a simplified customs clearance option for CSA-eligible merchandise. You therefore no longer have to transmit transactional data concerning the eligible merchandise. You can simply clear cargo through customs after confirmation of the identity of the approved importer, approved carrier and registered driver. This membership thus facilitates the importation of goods that NORMANDIN TRANSIT brings in to Canada.







NORMANDIN TRANSIT is a member of the FAST/EXPRES Program, that promotes more secure transactions between Canada and the United States. The program also allows its members to benefit from a simplified customs clearance procedure.





Partners in Protection program and the
Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism


In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, as a responsible company, NORMANDIN TRANSIT also participates in the Partners in Protection (PIP) program and the Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). These programs represent partnerships between Canadian and American authorities, and transport stakeholders, in order to thwart acts of terrorism.






ACE program

This American program requires all freight carriers inbound to the United States to send data on their cargo electronically using an automated manifest. The information is exchanged through a secure portal or through Electronic Document Interchange (EDI).





By choosing NORMANDIN TRANSIT, you will put the odds in your favour of easily clearing your goods through customs, because in addition to complying with all customs requirements, NORMANDIN TRANSIT has been ACE accredited since 2006 and our drivers have FAST/EXPRES approval.


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