Environmentally Conscious

NORMANDIN TRANSIT has always taken it to heart to run its transport company in the most responsible way possible to protect the quality of the environment.


This is exactly why NORMANDIN TRANSIT operates a fleet of recent vehicles, meticulously maintained, that consumes less fuel, and therefore has the smallest impact possible on the quality of the environment.


This desire to eliminate a maximum of emissions that pollute the atmosphere has guided NORMANDIN TRANSIT in many of its choices.


NORMANDIN TRANSIT is therefore sensitive to all technological changes that can help attain these goals. This explains why NORMANDIN TRANSIT buys the most aerodynamic vehicles available on the market, and inflates all tires with nitrogen.


In addition, all NORMANDIN TRANSIT's trucks are users and members of products and services developed by IdleAire Technologies. This American company has installed electrical devices in a multitude of U.S. truck stops, making it possible to shut down truck motors during drivers' rest hours.


NORMANDIN TRANSIT also belongs to the SmartWay Transport Partnership program. This program fosters voluntary collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the transportation industry.


This longstanding awareness by NORMANDIN TRANSIT explains why we have a saying, that
«  the Blue team has gone green ».